How to Find Satoshi

Because our only clues are this man’s face and first name, this project has been compared to “a world wide ‘Where’s Waldo‘”.

The creators of Perplex City have told us that this puzzle should be solved using “six degrees of separation”:

Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that human beings are connected through relationships with at most six other people.
(via Wikipedia)

There have been many interesting methods suggested to find Satoshi, including looking up residents of Kaysersberg named “Satoshi” in the phone directory, and contacting the Japanese passport office. (Click here for more information on the research that has been conducted.)

However, the goal of this project is to harness the power of the Internet, and by passing on word of this project until it reaches someone who knows Satoshi.

The official word, sent by the creators of the puzzle:
“Satoshi has agreed to appear on this card and, of course, knows you’re looking for him. He isn’t hiding, but he isn’t looking for you either. If you track him down, he will happily provide you with the information required to solve this card, and will also be able to prove his identity as The Real Satoshi – you don’t need to coerce or harass him into co-operating, you just need to find him. Satoshi has no connection with any employee of Mind Candy or Mind Candy’s business partners – pursuing them for information will be of no use. Finally, Satoshi possesses no information regarding the location of Perplex City’s $200,000 Cube, so you needn’t interrogate him about that either! As always with Perplex City, you needn’t (and mustn’t) break the law – or be mean! – in the course of your adventures. With all that said. good hunting, one and all….”

You can help too! Click here to read about ways you can participate!