Research – Japan

  • Based on the research in France, Satoshi may be connected to the Sony or Ricoh corporations, and could have returned to Japan when their French offices closed.
  • An tip we received said that he lives in Tokyo after spending some time in the US, but we have no verification of this fact.

Fantastic news – a classroom in Tokyo recently helped us out with our search. The class searched the Internet and Japanese social networking sites like Mixi. Thank you to Kevin Ryan and Computer Literacy B class at Showa Women’s University!

“Well, the final project came and went, and we couldn’t find any leads to Satoshi. We tried, but the enticement of an A for the finder, an A for 2 of the finder’s friends, and even a jump in the grade for everyone did not yield any results. We had a good time trying, and they learned about searching in Japanese and reporting results in English. Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to the people that find him.”


Want to help find Satoshi in Japan?

Please contact us if:
– you or your friends know anyone who lives in Japan
– you are a Japanese or English teacher who would like to incorporate the project into your curriculum
– you can speak/read/type in Japanese (or know someone who does)
– you are a member of Mixi and can help search the site
– you know of Japanese media, weblogs, messageboards or other sources which might feature this project


Check out The Research for more information about the hunt for Satoshi.

Can you help us continue the search for Satoshi in Japan? Contact us at findsatoshi-at-gmail-dot-com.