Research – Kaysersberg, Alsace, France

By Thomas Bookmore

From the Tourist office in Kaysersberg:

The man I was on the phone with confirmed that the picture was likely to have been taken in the Kaysersberg area (showed him the website). Not a very touristic place from what he could see, but the architecture and landscape definitely felt familiar to him.

About Seijo College and Japanese citizens in the area : the reason why the college was running and why there seemed to be so many Japanese peeps there was because of Japanese companies Sony and Ricoh, who would send their employees to their European branches.

Eventually, European employees would be properly trained and less and less Japanese people would come all the way to work there. Since these Japanese citizens would come to live there with their families and children, they also went back home with them: Seijo college closed in 2003 (not 2005) because of the lack of pupils (and that’s a pity ; it was a beautiful campus).

Firms Sony and Ricoh have now relocated respectively in Ribeauville and Colmar.

Got off the phone with the Sony Alsace branch. Firm policy is that they don’t give out any details about any former employees of the company :p

I reached the Ricoh company, but their human resources office is away on vacation until September. Firm policy on employees’ personal details will probably be the same though !

Just to make sure, I pulled an in-text search through Google on both company’s sites – keyword ‘Satoshi’ returned nothing.

What to do what to do…

Pulled a quick search on japanese cultural associations in Alsace, and came up with a short list that can be found at http://japondestras.free.fr/ I’ll start emailing them all, and see if they can forward our request or help us. Fingers crossed !

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