The Research

This is the place to compile all of the research done in the hunt to Find Satoshi.

Have a lead? Email the project: findsatoshi-at-gmail-dot-com.

We know that Satoshi was in Kaysersberg, and are trying to trace his steps since then. Please help!


To help narrow the search, we are working from the supposition that Satoshi is in now either the UK, the US, France or Japan.

A friend in France contacted the Kaysersberg tourist office and found that several Japanese companies used to have local branches there, but have since moved on. Read more about research related to France.
Our friends in Japan have scoured the Internet and sites like Mixi. We also have several classrooms helping the search! Read more about research related to Japan.
We received an e-mail tip that Satoshi was recently in Los Angeles, but has returned to Japan. (Do you know more? Please contact us!) Read more about research related to the US.


Leads, disproven
We have had two solid leads so far, suggested by commenters. These men have similar facial structures to our Satoshi, and have studied or worked in Europe.

Please do not contact these men – they have been contacted and we do not want to frighten or impose upon them.

From the NY Times commentsSatoshi Hirabayashi – Mr. Hirabayashi has written to tell us he is definitely not the Satoshi we are looking for.

From the Digg commentsDr. Satoshi Habuchi